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Mary Ann


18th. February 1865   -   18th. September 1943

This is a photograph of Mary
This is part of a photograph taken in 1914 and sent to her son Percy who was serving in the navy during the Great War. The photograph was supplied by Percy's son, Ralph.

Born at: Ty Du, Rogerstone, Newport, Monmouthshire

Edward BAYTON ,
Elizabeth BAYTON (THOMAS) ,

George Thomas DOWDESWELL , 29th March 1887,
Newport Registry Office, Newport, Monmouthshire

1889 Beatrice - married Tom CHILDS

1891 (March) to 1891 (November) Florence

1893 George Edward - married Elizabeth, Ann, Maud JONES

1895 Cuthbert - married Margaret HENDERSON

1898 Mary Ann (Polly) - married Tom REES

1899 Percival married Violet ?

1902 Osmond

Brothers and Sisters;
1867 Edward

1872 Clara

1874 Rose

1877 Alfred

1871/1887 Ty Du, Rogerstone, Newport, Monmouthshire

1891 20 Mount Pleasant, Blaina, Monmouthshire

1899/1902 5 River Row, Blaina, Monmouthshire

1911/1943 16 Gladstone Street, Blaina, Monmouthshire

1881 Tin plate worker


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