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Thomas MORRIS was born on 28th. September 1844 at Portisbank, Llandisilio in Pembrokeshire to James MORRIS and his wife Martha who's maiden name was DAVID. James was born in Letterston, Pembrokeshire about 1800 and Martha was born at Llanddewi, Carmarthanshire at about the same time.

When Thomas was six the family were living at Penbank Isa, Llanychare in Pembrokeshire. He became a farmer and was still working Penbank until at least 1913, over sixty years later. He had four older sisters, Margaret also known as Peggy, Pheobe, Mary and Martha, and two older brother John and James.

In 1869 Thomas married Mary HUGHES and she came to live at Penbank.

This is a photograph of Penbank farmhouse; a plain faced two storey house with slate roof. It now has a single story plain faced extension with a tiled roof.
Penbank with extension in 2000.


Mary was born, the sixth of eight children, in July 1845 at Fachongle, Nevern in Pembrokeshire to John HUGHES a farmer and his wife Mary whose maiden name was HOWELL. At the time of her marriage in August 1869 at the Registry Office in Haverford West the younger Mary was living at Llanllawer. She then lived with Thomas at Penbank and was still there until she died in August 1913.


In 1870 they had a daughter Ann and two years later a son James. In 1875 Martha, followed two years later by John. In 1881 they had another daughter Mary who was sometimes called Polly and sometimes Mary Ann. Then in 1888 they had a son David.

The choice of given names at the time was very limited and all of these are very common.


They continued to live and work at Penbank. It was said that Thomas was a very hard working man. When out ploughing, he would take a spade with him so that while the horses were resting he could continue working. On 6th August 1913 one year before the first world war, Mary died. On the 20th. May 1932 Thomas died at the age of 88 years.
The stone built cowshed and dairy now used as a store.
The stable that was later used as a tractor shed.
Buildings that were the cowshed and the stable.

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