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Esgair Mwyn Lead Mine

Esgair Mwyn is a dissused lead mine in north Cardiganshire. It was last worked in 1966. Our interest in this mine is because it was most probably the one in which great grandmother Margaret Morris worked as a young girl in about 1860, together with her parents, brothers and sisters. The family was known to be mining from 1841 to 1878 and probably over a wider period.

A view across open moorland showing spoil heaps and some derelect building and machinery. There are water courses in the foreground.A view of the mine from a distance
taken in 2004

The valuation map produced before about 1910 shows levels and shafts which could not be found on the recent visit. However on the higher ground, newer shafts were seen that are not marked on the valuation map. This may be due to a much older map being used for the valuation and further development taking place. Click on the buttons below for the history of the mine and more details of the site.

Valuation mapĀ of the mine
Valuation Map for Esgair Mwyn courtesy The National Archives, ref. IR 131/5/151
Not to be commercially reproduced without the permission of: Image Library, TNA, Kew, Surrey, TW9 4DU, UK

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