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Welcome to my family history site. It covers many surnames including Attwood, Bayton, Brown, Davies, Dowdeswell, Evans, Gilmore, Hale, Harris, Hewlwtt, Hobbs, Howell, Hughes, James, Jenkin, Jones (of course), Lakings, Morris, Owen, Parfitt, Philips, Pim, Rees, Stack, Stowell, Stride, Thomas, Vaughan, White, Wookey and Wynne.

Most come from Wales or the South West of England but also includes Ireland.

There is much more to the site than just this. There are old photographs, history, description of places, stories, free certificates and so on.
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You may find the stories - about individuals and couples - of interest as they give much more detail of the way of life at the time.

Anthony Morris

After an unavoidable break this site will not be updated.

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