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Farms of the
Morris Family
in Gwnnws


This small farm of just over seven acres was a little to the east of Fair Rhos village. In 1826 John and Elizabeth MORRIS were at the farm, though John was a lead miner. They were there, with their increasing family, until at least 1869. There are no remains of the house as it burnt down shortly after it was bought by an English family in the late 1990's. A new house was then built on the site.

The 1851 census suggests that the family were living at Gwarffynon (see below) however this is probably incorrect and should read Pantyffynon as a JONES family were listed as living at Gwarffynon. The confusion may have been because Gwarffynon was owned by John MORRIS and presumably rented to the JONES family. In 1859, John the son of John and Elizabeth had died at the age of 29 while living at Pantyffynon. John and Elizabeth were lead miners. Their son Richard, aged 34 was a tailor, Winifred 22, Margaret 15 and William 13 were all lead miners. They would have had to walk up into the hills to the nearest mine. In winter they would go and return in the dark as well as being underground all day. The son David who was also a miner had married and moved out. Mary and Evan were not at Pantyffynon and it is not known what became of them.

In 1869 John MORRIS died of tuberculosis at the age of about 66 while at Pantyffynon.

In 1871 the widowed Elizabeth now aged 65 was a stocking knitter as was her daughter Margaret. Richard was still a tailor. Evan aged 27 had returned and like his 23 year old brother William was a miner. Also at Pantyffynon were 8 year old grandaughter Elizabeth MORRIS and 9 month old grandson John Griffiths.

By 1891 there were no MORRIS's living at Pantffynon.


This remote house and small garden is on high windswept scrubland and rough grazing in upper Gwnnws north-east of Pontrhydfendigaid and Ffair Rhos. The tithe apportionment of 1847 stated that Gwarffynon was owned by John MORRIS. There were no roads leading to it and the house would have had no services. There was a spring nearby. The small garden probably supplied some of their needs and a cow, some hens and possibly a pig gave them more supplies.

This is a photograph of the front of the house and small neglected front garden surrounded by a stone wall.

Near by are the remains of lead mine workings and it may be assumed that this is where they were employed. There are other mines in the area.

This is a photograph taken from the back of the house. It shows the poor surrounding land and the hills scarred with lead mine waste.
The View from Gwarffynon.


This farm is opposite Pantyffynon and has land alongside it. It is possible that, at one time, the two farms were one. David MORRIS the brother of John MORRIS was living there with his wife Ann and their family. On new years eve 1845 Margaret son of John MORRIS was born at Lluest. This was unlikely had they not been part of the same family.

This is a recent photograph of Lluest farmhouse; a plain faced two storey house with slate roof. It is attached to the original stone built barn.
Lluest Farmhouse and Original Barn.

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