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10th June 2017

Updated P5.1 John (Shecci) MORRIS
Updated P4.1 James MORRIS
Updated linear and branching charts

11th February 2017

Checked external links

8th September 2016

Updated P4.3 John HUGH(ES)
Updated P5.5 William John HUGH
Updated P6.9 John? HUGH
Added P6.10 Elizabeth
Added P7.17 William John HUGH
Added P7.18 Jane JENKIN
Updated branching charts
Updated Main subjects page

19th June 2016

Updated Main subjects page

19th June 2016

Updated M6.30 Mary HOBBS
Updated M6.31 George PARFITT
Updated M7.49 John STOWELL
Updated M7.59 John HOBBS
Updated M7.60 Mary JONES
Updated M7.62 Sarah WHITE
Added M8.123 James WHITE
Added M8.124 Joice ?
Updated branching charts

18th June 2016

Updated M6.25 Charles STOWELL
Updated M6.26 Sarah WOOKEY
Updated branching charts

17th June 2016

Updated M2.2 Elizabeth Ann Maud JONES changing photograph
Updated M4.7 John STOWELL
Updated M5.13 Thomas STOWELL
Updated M5.14 Anne Jacob HALE
Updated branching charts

1st April 2016

Checked external links.

30th September 2015

Updated M5.14 Anne Jacob HALE with full name and marriage details
Updated M5.13 Thomas STOWELL with marriage details

19th June 2015

Updated M7.61 John PARFITT with extra children and occupation details
Updated M7.62 Sarah GILMORE (WHITE) with extra children and marriage details

14th June 2015

Updated M3.4 Elizabeth Ann STOWELL with extra date
Updated M5.5 Edward BAYTON with marriage details
Updated M5.6 Elizabeth DAVIES with marriage details

9th February 2015

Updated M6.1 Thomas DOWDESWELL
Updated linear and branching charts

22nd January 2015

Checked and corrected external links.

1st October 2014

Updated M7.59 John HOBBS

30th September 2014

Updated M5.15 James Hobbs BROWN, M6.31 George PARFITT,
M7.59 John HOBBS, M7.60 Mary JONES
Updated branching charts

21st April 2014

Updated James BROWN (M6.29) and Mary HOBBS (M6.30)

12th April 2014

Updated Hannah HEWLETT (M6.2) with siblings
Added William DOWDESWELL (M7.1) and Ann WYNNE (M7.2)
Added Arthur HEWLETT M7.3) and Mary JONES (M7.4)
Updated surname list.

11th April 2014

Updated branching charts
Checked and corrected external links

10th April 2014

Updated Ann PARFITT (M5.16) with extra information.
Determined George PARFITT (M6.31) and Ann JONES (6.32)
Updated John PARFITT (M7.61 and Sarah GILMORE (M7.62)

7th February 2014

Made corrections to MORRIS family in "Esgair Mwyn".

7th November 2013

Updated Elizabeth PHILIPS (P5.12) with extra siblings.

15th October 2013

Updated Edward JAMES (P6.17)
Updated "main" page

14th October 2013

Updated William John HUGH (P5.5), Ann VAUGHAN (P5.6), John MORRIS (P5.13) and Jane __ (P5.14)
Added John? HUGH (P6.9)

13th October 2013

Updated John HUGHES P4.3, Henry JAMES P4.5 and John MORRIS P4.7
Updated branching chart

12th October 2013

Small updates to Thomas MORRIS (P3.1) and Mary HUGHES (P3.2)

11th October 2013

Update to William JAMES (P5.9) and Mary OWEN (P5.10)
Updated branching and linear charts

4th October 2013

Update to Elizabeth (P5.12) with death details.

13th September 2013

Update to "Farms of Morris Family in Gwnnnws"
Update to "Esgair Mwn"

11th September 2013

Minor changes to main menu

10th September 2013

Updated William John HUGH (P5.5) with siblings
Added Elizabeth (P6.10) and included new branching chart

5th August 2013

Checked external links.

10th April 2013

Updated Edward JAMES (P6.17) and Frances (P6.18)
Added William JAMES (P7.33) and Phoebe HOWELL (P7.34)
Updated Linear and Branching Charts

3rd April 2013

Updated William JAMES (P5.9)
Added Edward JAMES (P6.17) and Frances (P6.18)
Updated and added Branching Charts

24th February 2013

Checked external links.

28th December 2012

Small corrections to "Main" page.

5th December 2012

Extra information and photographs added to Tavistock story

28th November 2012

Extra information added to couples John MORRIS and Pheobe JAMES

27th November 2012

Extra information added to couples Lewis JAMES and Margaret MORRIS.

17th October 2012

Extra information including parents and siblings added to
John MORRIS (P4.7)
Parents of the above added.

1st September 2012

Extra child (Charles) of Ann HARRIS (M5.2) added.

1st February 2012

Extra photographs to Adela DOWDESWELL M1.

31st October 2011

Extra photograph and additions to George DOWDESWELL/Elizabeth JONES in "couples"

4th October 2011

Small changes and additions to George DOWDESWELL/Elizabeth JONES in "couples"

13th August 2011

Extra information added to M7.6 Anne STRIDE including dates, parents and children.
Pages for M8.11 Philip STRIDE and M8.12 Mary added.

12th August 2011

Extra information added to M7.5 James HARRIS including dates, parents and children.
Pages for M8.9 John HARRIS and M8.10 Hannah added.

26th July 2011

Added name of church to M3.3 Robert Henry JONES and M3.4 Elizabeth Ann STOWELL

14th July 2011

Changed M7.5 Robert HARRIS to James HARRIS and M7.6 Sarah to Anne STRIDE
This was because an error was discovered in the transcription of Woodford parish registers held at
Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre. The centre has been informed.
The original registers gave the corrected names.

8th July 2011

Added M7.5 Robert HARRIS and M7.6 Sarah
Ensured all links

23rd May 2011

"Couple George DOWDESWELL and Elizabeth JONES" updated with extra photographs

25th March 2011

External links checked and corrected

21st March 2011

Additions and small corrections to M5.4 Ann (married Griffith THOMAS)

4th January 2011

Extra unwanted certificate added

16th October 2010

Small additions to branching chart
Additional photographs in Couples - George DOWDESWELL and Elizabeth JONES

23rd July 2010

Added M6.3 William HARRIS and M6.4 Anne ATTWOOD

26th May 2010

Additions to M5.1 Thomas DOWDESWELL and M5.2 Ann HARRIS

27th June 2010

Added M6.1 Thomas DOWDESWELL and M6.2 Hannah HELWETT

2nd May 2010

Additions and correction to P4.3 John HUGH(ES)
Additions and correction to P4.4 Mary HOWELL
Additions to P5.5 William John HUGH
Additions to P5.6 Ann(e) VAUGHAN

3rd April 2010

Small addition to introduction.
Extra added to M5.1 Thomas DOWDESWELL and M5.2 Ann HARRIS

19th January 2010

Extra added to M3.1 George Thomas DOWDESWELL

2nd January 2010

A new article on Newport and Pillgwenlly.
It will be found in :-
Stories, Articles, Links and Other Items

31st December 2009

A minor change to up arrows.

15th December 2009

Some minor changes to home page.

17th November 2009

P5.12 Elizabeth ___ updated with further address dates and some minor changes.

11th November 2009

M4.3 Edward Bayton updated to include date and details of his death.

7th November 2009

M4.3 Edward Bayton updated to include details of where he was in 1911.

21st October 2009

Slight changes to story of the STOWELLS of Shipham.

19th October 2009

M4.2 Margaret THOMAS updated to include details of her parents and where she was living in 1911.
M5.3 Griffith THOMAS and his wife M5.4 Ann now included.

15th October 2009

M4.1 George DOWDESWELL updated.

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