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Morris / Dowdeswell Family History

Here you will find stories of various couples, occupations, free GRO certificates and more.


Click below for more detailed description of the lives of  a selection of couples.

George Thomas DOWDESWELL  and Mary Ann BAYTON 
Robert Henry JONES and Elizabeth Ann STOWELL 
Thomas MORRIS and Mary HUGHES 
John MORRIS and Pheobe JAMES 
Lewis JAMES and Margaret MORRIS 


Mid Wales Lead Mining

There has been mining for lead (and silver) in North Cardiganshire for thousands of years. One mine in particular has an interest for me as my great grandmother worked in it in the nineteenth century together with her parents and siblings. This mine north of Pontrhyfendigaid is called Esgair Mwyn. Click below for photographs, history (sometimes violent) and stories of the mine.

You will also find details of the MORRIS families who were lead miners as well as farming small holdings near the mine in the parish of Gwnnws, Cardiganshire.

Esgair Mwyn

Places and People

Tavistock, Devon 
Tavistock Grammar School Staff and Pupils 1953 
 Strata Florida (Ystrad Fflur) and Pontrhyfendigaid
Farms of the Morris Family in Gwnnws
Morris Family at Esgair Mwyn
The Good and Bad of Pillgwenlly
The Stowell Family of Shipham

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Free GRO Certificates