Tavistock, Greenlands and Shop  

In Devon, England


Tavistock is an ancient stannary town on the south-west edge of Dartmoor in Devon. The name derives from the river Tavy which flows through the town towards the city of Plymouth - about fifteen miles to the south - and stock - indicating an agricultural market.

King Henry I granted a Market Charter to the town in 1105. Later the town prospered from the cloth trade and through copper mining.

Sir Francis Drake was born at Crowndale Farm, just south of Tavistock, in 1542.

Greenlands Estate

This estate was built during the 1950's when Adela and Bryn MORRIS moved from Wales to run the only shop on the estate. Bryn became a grocer as had his father before him. Greenlands is situated on the edge of Dartmoor a little outside Tavistock. At the time, the estate was surrounded by farmland and only a few hundred yards from the moorland. 

The shop about 1952

“Pop” delivery. Bryn on side.

At first they had a small three wheeled van to make deliveries. As was common at the time, the shop ran a bread delivery round as well as a grocery delivery service. It was the same van that had previously been used to take the family on holiday to Devon and took some belongings down there prior to the move. It made several crossings on the Severn Ferry and having a pointed front was always pushed into a corner.
The van came to an unexpected end when it collided with a milk float on one of the steep hills leading down to Tavistock.
At this point another (safer) van was obtained.

At a later date Bryn fitted out a coffee bar in the town. Della and Bryn ran it together as "Della's" Coffee Bar. Here they served light meals and snacks and it became very popular with the young people at the time. 

Inside Della’s Coffee Bar